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The Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program is now available; 1) to individuals for less than $10 per month (paid annually).

2) for $9.99 for 2 months to Club Owners/Directors.


Jeff Lulla, Founder of Fun & Fit Gymnastics, was a competitive gymnast, instructor, coach, Head Coach, Program Director and for 35 years, owner of multiple successful recreational gymnastics clubs.   Jeff received the USA Gymnastics Business Leader of the Year Award and serves as one of their Business Ambassadors.  He is also a University Instructor for USAG with over 25 years experience teaching their Safety Certification course and authoring curriculum for their preschool Kinder Accreditation and school-age Hands-On Training courses.   

He has presented at USA, Canada, and Australia gymnastics industry congresses and the Cal Elite Summit personal development conference on business, safety, technology, class behavior management, employment practices, preschool and recreational education for all ages.   He has consulted for clients in China, Vietnam, Australia, the UK, the USA, and Canada.  His Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program instructor training and lesson planning system has been licensed to hundreds of gym clubs globally since 1991 and is now available online in both the LEAP Learning and Smart Moves platforms.

The Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program includes 1,400 skills, drills, games, and progressions with videos and 250 sequential lesson plans.  There are 5 levels of Preschool, 6 levels of Girls and 6 levels of Boys gymnastics including tumbling, bars, trampoline, rings, balance beam, mini-tramp, vault, and dance as well as warm-ups and games.  

LEAP! Learning Instructor Training Courses

 The Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program in LEAP! Learning provides club owners and managers the ability to assign age and level specific courses to instructors and track their progress.  It is also customizable allowing you to add your own skills, courses, and lessons.  

Includes 1,400 skills and 250 PDF lesson plans. 

SmartMoves Lesson Planner & Skill Tracker

 A fast and easy way to copy and edit preloaded Fun & Fit Gymnastics lesson plans or create your own with a click.  

Import or enter student and class data for skill tracking.       Add your own skills, drills, and progressions.   

Includes 1,400 skills and 250 active and editable lesson plans.

Fun & Fit Gymnastics Curriculum Poster Reward System

Licensed to hundreds of clubs on DVD since 1991, and now updated and online,  this system utilizes curriculum posters that kids take home and fill with stars as they learn. Children stay enrolled with frequent success, positive feedback, and rewards.  Track skills with Curriculum Cards, in Smart Moves or Jackrabbit.  Doing so accomplishes an important record-keeping procedure recommended by the USA Gymnastics Safety Course and Handbook. 

CLICK HERE to order posters, stars, and curriculum cards.


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